Professor Winston Davidson CD; JP; MBBS; DTM&H; Phd (Cand.)

Dr. Winston Davidson, a public health specialist and telemedicine research pioneer currently serves as Professor, Public Health & Health Technology and Head of the University of Technology School of Public Health & Health Technology.

Professor Davidson received his medical training from the University of the West Indies during the period 1965 to 1971 and was successful in the American Examination for Foreign Medical Graduates in 1971. He also received his Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (DTM&H) from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool, England in 1975. Professor Davidson is currently a Public Health PhD candidate at the University of Technology School of Graduate Studies.

Among his many positions held are:

  • 1996-Present Executive Chairman, Tele-Medicine Limited,
  • 1999-Present Chairman, Health for All Jamaica Limited,
  • 1999-Present President & CEO, Telemedicine Diagnostic & Treatment Centre,
  • 1997 – Present Head, National Telemedicine Research Project (Partly funded by personal funds and Government Grant and Loan

Professor Davidson has received a number of honours and awards in recognition of his work.
Among these are the Commander of the Order of Distinction for Services to Medicine in 2003 and the
“Pearl Award” for more than 30 years of distinguished and outstanding service to the People of Jamaica
as Justice of the Peace in the parish of St. Andrew in 2008.

He also has to his credit more than 120 presentations, papers and publications related to: Health Policy, Planning and Organizational issues; Primary Health Care; Drug Abuse Prevention, Epidemiology, Community Development, Public Health, Control of Communicable Diseases, Environmental Health, Philosophy, Telemedicine, Information Technology and Wellness.

Professional affiliations include:

  • 1973-1976; 2012 to present Member, Medical Council of Jamaica
  • 1974-Present Member, Medical Association of Jamaica
  • 1983-Present Founding Member, Association of General Practitioners
  • 1987 to Present Member Caribbean College of Family Physicians
  • 1988-Founding Member, Caribbean Public Health Association
  • 1995-Present-Caribbean Institute of Research and Community Development (CAIRECODE)
  • 1998- Founding Member, Jamaica Public Health Doctors Association
  • 1998 Founding Member, Jamaica Menopause Society
  • President, Medical Association of Jamaica
  • Founding Member, National Council for Continuing Medical Education
  • 2001-2002 Member, Association Of Tele-health Service Providers
  • 2002-2004 President, Jamaica Public Health Doctors Association
  • 2012-present Vice-Chairman, Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission
  • 2012-present Chairman, Bureau of Standards Jamaica
  • 2012- Present Chairman, Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine

Professor Davidson is married to Dr. Sonia Davidson nee Lambie and has three daughters:
Dr. Tamu Davidson; Dr. Chima Davidson and Donna Davidson.