Memorandum and Articles of Association of the “National Council for Continuing Medical Education”

The name of the Organisation

The organisation shall be called ‘The National Council for Continuing Medical Education’ (NCCME), and is hereafter referred to as the “National Council”.


The main office of the (NCCME) is located at the Office of the Medical Council of Jamaica.

The Philosophy of the Organisation.

Because of the epochal changes in the quality and quantity of the health and medical information, brought about by the present scientific and technological revolution, there is a rapidly growing demand for Medical Doctors to keep abreast of these changes. There is also the necessity to be aware of, to validate, to manage and to use such information and technologies that would be of value to the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the health and well-being of patients, families, communities, and the population at large.

The Medical Council of Jamaica

(‘the Medical Council’) in recognition of its responsibility enshrined in the Medical Act and the Medical Profession, mindful of the need to facilitate the continued improvement of the standards of the delivery of the Health Care in Jamaica, are hereby engaged in a partnership for the establishment of the “National Council”, as a subcommittee of the Medical Council. The National Council will be responsible for responding to the epochal changes in such a manner as to contribute to the sustained qualitative and quantitative improvement in the medical education of Practitioners.

The Aims

To enable the development of programs for continuing Medical Education of practitioners in an organized and systematic way

To enable a system of assessment of practitioners’ participation in continuing medical education programs as a measure of the improvement in their knowledge of Medicine.

To facilitate the development of a culture of personal self-motivated learning of new medical information by practitioners.


1. Initial membership of the NCCME

The initial full members of the NCCME approved by the MCJ are:

aAssociation of Consultant Physicians
bAssociation of Dermatologists
cAssociation of General Practitioners
dAssociation of Radiologists
eAssociation of Surgeons of Jamaica
fCaribbean Association of Otorhinolaryngologists
gCaribbean Council of Family Practitioners of Jamaica
hJamaica Anaesthetists Association
iJamaica Menopause Society
aJamaica Urology Society
kJunior Doctors Association
lMedical Association of Jamaica.
mPaediatric Association of Jamaica

1. Quorum for meetings of the Executive Management Committee.

No business shall be transacted in any meeting of the Executive Management Committee unless there be present a quorum of not less than six members present. If within one hour from the time appointed for the meeting such quorum be not present, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week, at the same time and place, and notice of this circulated by the Secretary, and if at such adjourned meeting a quorum still not be present, those present shall be deemed a quorum.

1. Alteration of existing bye-laws or creation of new ones.

All bye-laws created by the Executive Management Committee shall be submitted to the MCJ for approval and upon approval be circulated to all the members of the NCCME.

1. The Application Form

The application form for membership may be altered by the Executive Management Committee from time to time.

1.23 Validity of Proceedings

The Proceedings of the Executive, or of any Committee or any other Body acting under these Regulations or the Bye-Laws, shall not be invalidated by any accidental omission to give any notice thereby required or by vacancy among their Members or by any defect in the election or qualification of any of their Members.

Where these Regulations or the Bye-Laws require any act or thing to be done by the NCCME, the same may be done by such Officer of the NCCME as the Executive may appoint for the purpose.

1.24.1 Reports to MCJ

For the avoidance of all doubt it is hereby stated that as a sub-committee of the MCJ, the NCCME is subject to the absolute overriding authority of the MCJ, in all matters set out in these Regulations or in the By-Laws.

1.25 Financial support by MCJ

The MCJ shall upon receipt of the Estimate of the probable income and expenditure of the NCCME for the coming year from the Executive, vote such sums as it deems appropriate for the use of the NCCME for that year, and shall authorize the dispersal of such funds, by the Chairman of the MCJ, at the request of the Executive from time to time. No sums in excess of those voted as aforementioned shall be disbursed without the prior written approval of the MCJ.